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    burgundy restaurant:

    when i first heard of this restaurant opening, i was intrigued and excited. located on hastings street between abbott and carral, this cozy restaurant serves up french-style cuisine with their own unique style, and no pretention.

    i got even more excited when burgundy hired me to take photos. let’s be honest, i really wanted to try the porcini brulee i saw on the menu. and let me tell you, it is as deliciously creamy and savoury as it sounds, not to mention really fun to photograph. but do check burgundy out, and try the porcini brulee, the beef bourguinon, or the bone marrow and prosciutto risotto! you can also find them on facebook, instagram and twitter.

    here are some of my faves of the restaurant, the food, owners erica and lisa, and chef nitzan.


    porcini brulee on the left; seafood nicoise on the right.

    burgundy-joeyarmstrong-002 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0320 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-003 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-004 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0659 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-005 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0849 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-008 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0812

    burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0785 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-007 burgundy-joeyarmstrong-0504





    Burgundy Restaurant on Urbanspoon (open from 4pm tuesday through sunday, and brunch on weekends)


    Great Photos !

    Sarah Jensen ( 13.10.30 at 1:08 PM )

      thanks sarah!

      joey ( 13.10.30 at 10:14 PM )

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