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    i wrote about my friend emily a while back.
    she’s pretty great.
    we have a love for food in common. (although, that’s not the only thing that makes us friends. right emily?)
    she does simple living much better than i do.
    gets produce from a CSA.
    eggs from a neighbour.
    last time i visited her + her husband in may, i got to tag along when she went to collect her eggs.
    we made friends with the neighbour’s dog + visited the chickens from whence the eggs came.
    i live in the city + am happy to live in a place with chickens in the yard.
    but i still sometimes yearn for rural living. much simpler. more wholesome.

    these eggs we went to collect?
    most definitely free-range.
    i have photographic evidence.

    see for yourself:

    nala | vancouver dog portraits


    meet nala.
    a beautiful rhodesian ridgeback.
    i got to take some photos of her + her family back in january.
    she was just a pup/teenager then, she’s probably a beautiful lady dog by now.
    we played on the beach at crab park/portside park.
    explored the back alleys in railtown.
    the rain just barely held off for us.
    liv + her hubby looked awesome, especially their wellies.
    and nala, of course, sported a beautiful plaid jacket when it started to get a bit chilly.
    liv writes a lifestyle blog over at a beautiful life.
    read her story (& see a few more photos!) of our photoshoot here.

    playful. : )


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